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Tonic Juice Co is a Gold Coast Family owned Cold-Pressed Juice Business that is passionate about local and fresh produce.

Supplying cafes, functions & homes with delicious healthy cold pressed juice within the Gold Coast region.


Here at Tonic Juice Co we handcraft our cold pressed juices from scratch using use raw, local and seasonal produce. The cold-pressed juicing method locks in the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes to leave you feeling alive, renewed and glowing. Flood your body with the purity that nature provides.  




We are great supporters of local farmers and growers in South East Queensland. Supporting local businesses, farmers and growers is what makes the community thrive and come together.

We love getting to know what people strive for and are passionate about when it comes to their health and well being. 



As a business who attends the farmer's markets buying direct from the farmers and/or grower is a must. We locally source our produce for our cold pressed juices from as far west at Stanthorpe to the Sunshine Coast, down to the Northern Rivers. 

It has taken many years of dedication and time to source our local farmers and understand the way they grow & produce our amazing and fresh produce that we provide in our juices.

We may not have a 'certified organic' product, however, we try to the best of our ability to make our juices from spray free and organic produce 



What Our Juice Lovers Need to Know

What is Cold-Pressed, and Why do we use this method?


As the world of juice expands it is getting harder and harder to know what you are actually looking for when you are wanting to buy juice. You may have come across terms such as, fresh, fresh-pressed, fresh-squeezed, raw, non-HPP. It can be headache inducing trying to understand what all these terms mean.

Tonic Juice Co will make it easy for you.


The Term 'Cold-Pressed'


Firstly, the term cold-pressed refers to how the juice was extracted from the fruit, vegetables and herbs.


What is the difference between Cold-Pressed and Centrigugal?


Centrifugal juice machines use a fast-spinning blade to extract juice from the produce, while cold-pressed machines use a slow pulveriser and a hydraulic press.

The difference between how the machines make the juice is crucial. Why? Nutrient quality and freshness.

Centrifugal juicing (the most common juicing method) uses exceptionally fast blades which generates heat destroying the enzymes. This process also forces air in the juice, starting the oxidation process before the juice is even done, compromising the nutrients within the juice and leaving you with a juice high in fructose.

The slow and deliberate process of cold-pressed juicing extracts the maximum amounts of enzymes, minerals and vitamins from the fruit and vegetables. No heat is generated during the cold-pressed process, keeping the produce in a raw state.

Consuming cold-pressed juice makes it easier for our bodies to digest all of the goodness in the fruit, vegetables and herbs without our bodies consuming energy on breaking up the food.

Drinking cold-pressed juice is a great way for your body to process all the natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins that your body needs and craves!


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